Option 1

We now offer optional, modular drawers that can be added to the base 2 drawer Poly Vault. These modules can be mixed and matched as you see fit. Up to 2 modules can be added to your Poly Vault.

third drawer

Third Drawer Module

Low Security Starting at $345
High Security Starting at $410

This drawer is perfect for storing ammo, optics and misc. small equipment.
Drawers have movable dividers for organization. Can be mounted driver or passenger side or 2 drawers side by side. Our standard unit comes with a 5" tall and 30" long drawer. We also offer 8" tall and 34" or 36" lengths.

Command Drawer

Command Board Module

$425 - Double sided, non-magnetic
$525 - Double sided, magnetic

Great tool for training or plotting your next engagement.
Can be mounted driver or pass side or used in conjunction with 3rd drawer module.

Sniper Drawer
Option 3

Sniper / Marksman Drawer

Starting at $800

46” wide to accommodate most scoped rifles.Comes standard with LEVEL III security.

*This unit takes place of 2 modules

Double Upper Drawer

Double Upper Drawer

Low Security $700
High Security $950

(2) 8”H x 34”L 22”W drawers built together with one common flat top storage area.
Drawers have moveable dividers.
*This unit takes place of 2 modules