Do you worry about keeping belongings safe and secure in your Jeep? The Plastix Plus Trunk, or PPT, is the ideal solution. Designed for the Jeep Wrangler JK, the PPT allows you to leave your belongings secured and out of sight to criminals. The quick and simple installation means you can choose when to leave it in, or when to take it out.

What makes our product different from the other options out there? Built by Jeepers, specifically for Jeepers, the PPT uses a thermo welding process with a plastic material called HDPE. When the welds cool, the plastic is bonded as one piece. We like to consider the PPT 100% "Jeeper Proof". It resists UV rays, freshwater, saltwater, mud, gas, diesel, oil, hydraulic/transmission fluids, etc. Unlike wood and metal, HDPE will not rot, fade, warp, rust, peel or split. At 1/2" thick, the material is extremely impact resistant and will literally take anything you can throw at it; chain, rocks, sledgehammers, mountain goats (or armadillos for us Texans)....you name it.

*Disclaimer: Plastix Plus does not encourage throwing mountain goats or armadillos at the PPT.

Do you like to buy American? Not only is the PPT built in America, but every part of the PPT including the plastic itself, the rubber trim, the latches, the hitch pins, even the stainless steel screws that attach the latches are proudly MADE IN THE USA. You can feel confident knowing you are buying 100% American!

Benefits and features include:

  • No drilling or cutting of your Jeep for installation. In fact, no tools are needed at all!
  • Installs in under 1 minute, and removes just as easy.
  • Weather stripping seals against the tailgate, helping to keep out dust, dirt, mud and water.
  • Utilizes the tailgate as a door, so there are no extra keys to carry around or locks to fumble with.
  • Once your tailgate is locked, you cannot remove or access the inside of the PPT.
  • Will work with your hard top, soft top, or topless.
  • Bungee rail allows for extra storage on top. The rails also have larger hand holes to aid with installing/removing.

*2 door model requires removal of the back seat (utilizes existing seat brackets and metal angle attached to PPT)


  • PPT (the box itself) with bungee rails welded on and latches already attached.
  • Hitch pins to prevent the latches from getting knocked/pulled open by gear, especially while off-roading.
  • Weather stripping to seal against tailgate.


  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Internal size: 11" tall x 32" wide x 32" deep
  • External size: 15" tall x 33" wide x 33" deep

*The back wall of the 2 door model is 33-7/8" wide

For 2009-2014 without subwoofer or
2015+ with FLOOR MOUNT subwoofer:
  • 4 door JK (Item# PPTJK4)
  • 2 door JK (Item# PPTJK2)
For 2009-2014 with SIDE MOUNT subwoofer:
  • 4 door JK (Item# PPTJK4s)
  • 2 door JK (Item# PPTJK2s)

MSRP: $499

Installation video HERE

**Special note about power door locks**

You may be thinking, "If I have my windows down or top off, what is keeping someone from walking by, hitting my power unlock button, and opening my tailgate?" You will be happy to know that Jeep has already addressed this for you. Once you lock your doors with the remote, the security system is on a 16 second time delay. The red security light on your dash will blink quickly for the first 16 seconds. After this, it will blink once every 5 seconds. At this point, your security system is active, and the unlock buttons on the doors will not work, until you disable the alarm system with your remote.

installed box subwoofer JK PPT Installed open JK PPT Installed JK PPT Installed back stock storage area Petes Jeep southco latch with pin JK 2 door Tailgate View Toby approved Bracket in and out