Introducing the FULL SIZE center console, custom designed specifically for the 2013 Ford Interceptor. This is a one piece, heavy duty construction, that far exceeds anything else out there.

This console can realisticly be installed in less than 10 minutes!!!

It utilizes the OEM mounting plate, so it is a straight forward, drop-in installation.

Features include:

  • Large locking arm rest storage
  • Location for both OEM 12v ports. No need to purchase new ones!
  • Hidden storage area
  • Room for 3 radios/sirens, including full depth units!
  • Padded arm rest INCLUDED!


Can be ordered with:

  • Havis C-HDM-204 adjustable computer post $175 (offset plate and angled swivel not part of the assembly)
  • Substitue a dual USB plug for one 12v port $25

Driver Seat

Interceptor Havis Computer Post

Optional USB Plug

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