The 2021-2024 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban consoles are constructed as a one piece unit, requiring no assembly. They are made from ½” thick HDPE plastic combined with a thermoplastic welding process, resulting in unparallel strength and durability.This console features dual cup holders with a small storage area in the middle. A huge locking storage area is large enough for (8) 1” ring binders and doubles as a perfect height arm rest. A padded arm rest top is included. Our console allows for full size radios and sirens that require depths of 8.5”.

The console comes with a precut hole on the front passenger sidewall, to relocate the factory 120v plug. Also included is a USB/USB-c extension plug, to retain use of factory USB data plugs (no need to relocate the factory plug). Due to the difficulty of removing the factory 12v plug from the dash, we are also including an aftermarket 12v plug on the faceplate. Both of these plugs are located on the passenger side of the console faceplate, near the cup holders. The 12v plug will require a 12v power source/wiring.

This console is designed to work with vehicles that came with a center flip seat, or seat delete option. Installation only takes about 15 minutes! We have different sizes and widths available to fit your application. These include "SHORTY" models which shorten the locking storage area, to allow more room for a cage mounted weapons rack. We offer consoles in full width (14" wide), mid width (12.5" wide), and narrow (11" wide) models. We do have options available for vehicles that were equipped with a full "civilian style" console (please call for details).


Includes ALL mounting hardware. Comes with blank faceplate. Equipment holes can be cut to your specific equipment at no charge.

Accessories available:

  • Jotto radio/siren faceplates
  • Individual 12V 15A marine grade switches
  • Single 12v plug
  • Dual USB 3.0/USB-c charger plug with voltmeter
  • Dual USB 3.0 charger plug with voltmeter
  • Computer post - external mount


2021 GM Tahoe PPV 2

 Console shown with optional radio/siren brackets, 12v switches, magnetic mic mount, USB charging plugs, and external computer post.

2021 Tahoe passenger side prototype

Also available in a "SHORTY" model with either a locking lid, or a flip forward lid, to help clear cage mounted weapons racks.



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