Pete and Crew,

The pics you sent of our new engine look awesome, and as always, I am sure it looks even better in person! You guys always do such great work, it helps increase the pride in the vehicles to have such well laid out compartments and your work is an integral part of that.

Thank you as always,

Bill Adams, Battalion Chief

Rosenberg FD

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you so much for your help and attention. My small issue with the mismatch wall mounts wasn't that big of a deal but the way you handled it was a throwback to the old days where customer service was King. The quick resolution and the way you over compensated me was next to no other company I've ever dealt with. Your products are great and I hope you develop more parts for the shooting community. That coupled with your unparalleled customer service means you have a customer for life. Keep up the great work!
Brian Boeglin
Fullerton, CA


Everything fits and looks great. Y'all did an outstanding job!!!


August Naumann

Assistant Chief-Logistics

Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department

Pete, first let me express the great appreciation for the design and installation of the equipment mounting abilities of Plastix Plus, you and your crew completed the project on our new apparatus that far exceeded any of the expectations at Northeast Fire and rescue. The entire experience was very professionally handles from start to finish, the project that seemed quite complex to our personnel was handles with ease and the final product was superb. The equipment placement ideas that we came to Plastix Plus with were wither implemented or expanded upon to produce the safest, most practical and organized use of the compartment space the truck has to offer. Once again from all the members of the Northeast Fire and Rescue please accept this short letter as a sincere thanks and job well done with the intentions of sending more work your way.

Jim Rodgers
Fire Chief,
Northeast Fire & Rescue, Humble Texas

John Cieslik
Rochester Fire Dept. in Rochester, MI.

The Cypress Creek Fire Department was probably Plastix Plus first customer. We have been using their products ever since Mike and Pete started the company. In my 18 years of experience with the fire service we have not found any other company that supplies custom equipment mounts, vehicle consoles, and apparatus equipment tray liners with the emergency services experience and level of attention to detail that Plastix Plus exhibits. Mike has 22 years of service as a fire fighter and Pete has 15 years of service as a firefighter. They know our business from the inside out, and understand the rigors of the environment and circumstances that their products will be used in. Plastix Plus is our go to vendor for all of our apparatus storage issues. When we have a problem that needs addressing or equipment that needs mounting we take the apparatus and equipment over to Plastix Plus shop, explain the problem, and leave it to their judgment how to best work it out. They have never failed to meet and exceed our expectations. The ability to take a problem to Plastix Plus and knowing that it will be expertly taken care of with only limited interaction on our part has been a tremendous asset to our organization, freeing up personnel time to work on other important projects. As a Mechanical Engineer I am very picky about how our apparatus are outfitted and maintained. Plastix Plus equipment has always been of the highest quality and extremely durable. We have been a customer of theirs for many years and will continue to use their products exclusively for all our apparatus storage and equipment management needs.

Thank You,

Richard Lieder, EFO CFO
Assistant Chief
Cypress Creek Fire Department

Eighteen months ago we received two new Heavy Rescue Trucks. The immediate question was what to do with fifty plus Paratech Struts, forty Paratech Extensions, a mess of Paratech Bases, and additional Paratech Accessories. We had some of our own ideas and had seen some examples of manufactured storage devices/containers. The Chief had seen an option while in Texas, which he described as, “some kind of black plastic.” So the search began. One of the guys in our department is a “Googleologist”, just ask him, and if he can’t find it, it does not exist. A day later, he emailed me a link to Plastix Plus.
We picked up the phone and met Mike Snow. After explaining exactly what we were looking for, Mike said that Plastix Plus was going to be able to deliver what we needed. The initial sketch was faxed to Plastix Plus. After several additional conversations and multiple revisions, the final drawing was sent to Mike. The daunting task began.

Once the big project was under way, we turned to the custom bins needed to hold all of the remaining Paratech items. Working with Mike, we devised a system where we could do our own drawing and submit them via fax. That worked extremely well and enabled us to check all of the tolerances before anything was produced. Ten custom bins later, we were off to the races.

As our large project continued, Mike went out of his way to send us photographs showing us the progress. When it neared completion, Mike spent the extra time needed to come up with the best and most cost efficient method to ship the order.

The day was finally here, the only question was, where to get a forklift? Eight (8) sheets of material, two hundred (200) welding rods, one hundred (100) stainless screws, thirty (30) man hours, four hundred fifty (450) pounds, and a custom shipping crate, and we would have one truly custom Plasix Plus storage rack. The semi-truck arrived, the frontend loader was on hand and eight firefighters stood by. The rack was unloaded and the custom crate removed. As if we had planned it this way, the rack slid right into place.

Through that entire initial process and since then, we continued to design and order additional bins from Mike at Plastix Plus. Twelve months, eighty plus custom bins, trays, and anything else we asked Plastix Plus to make for us, our two Heavy Rescue Trucks have become well organized and easy to maintain assets in our department’s fleet. Three custom trays have even found their way under the bench seats in our New Medic units.
Mike Snow, along with the entire staff at Plastix Plus, has gone above and beyond with the products and services they have provided to us. We will continue to use Plastix Plus for new bins and custom products as our Rescues continue to evolve and we find additional uses for their product throughout our entire fleet. We would highly recommend Plastix Plus to anyone looking for alternative storage methods for their Fire Apparatus, Officers’ Cars/Trucks, and even around the fire station.

Ross Green


Independence Township Fire Department

Clarkston, Michigan

I was skeptical of the plastic consoles and cargo boxes when we first looked into this as an option for our Tahoe’s and Crown Victoria’s. We were interested in the consoles because no other company offered anything for our application. I was concerned about the "custom" fit for the vehicles. My concerns were completely off base where Mike Snow was involved. Mike has a very professional and "hands on" approach to customer satisfaction. I was able to give him a specific wish list that was extremely specific. Nothing that I wanted was out of the question and any alteration was handled with ease. I also liked that there were numerous options as far as load capacity and optional storage on the consoles and cargo boxes.

As far as fit and finish; it was beyond perfect. I am a very picky customer and I was unable to find anything that I did not like. Even if I did, Mike would have handled it without question. The durability of the products has been impressive and we are hard on the equipment. We have not had any concerns or failures and we are prepared to order more products for our cars this year.

Mike is a very "pro-law enforcement" supplier and it is great to deal with someone who knows what you are talking about and understands why you need something done. He is great to deal with and most important to me than anything, he is a trustworthy, honest, Christian businessman. Thanks for everything Mike.

Sgt. Jon Buckholtz
Conroe Police Department
Conroe, Texas
Professional Services Division

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