2020+ Ford Interceptor SUV Poly Vault


This Poly Vault is offered in Level 1 Low Security or Level 3 High Security, to fit your needs.Interceptor SUV

9” Tall Drawer:

  • External dimensions: 40" wide, 27.5" deep, 13" tall
  • Allows you to lift floor up all the way without hitting the vehicle
  • Allows storage of weapons, laying down
  • Dry Weight: 140 pounds

Requires the use of:

Havis Mounting Floor, part # C-TTP-INUT-1200 (MSRP $693.79 - available at a discounted price from Plastix Plus)

The Vault will come with predrilled mounting holes that align with the Havis floor.

Price: $1,225-1,300

**Includes key override**
*Ford crash test ratings require the spare tire to remain in place


6” Tall Optional Upper Drawer:

  • External dimensions: 39" wide, 16.25" deep, 10" tall
  • Available in Level 1 Low Security or Level 3 High Security
  • Dry Weight: 65 pounds

Price: $725-825


PP-FINT-2020-L3-1D-9 (2) PP-FINT-2020-L3-1D-9 (3) PP-FINT-2020-L3-1D-9 (1) PP-FINT-2020-L3-1D-9 (4) PP-FINT-2020-L3-1D-9 (5)

 **All Plastix Plus Poly Vaults, unless specifically noted, are designed and built to work with factory seat dimensions. Addition of an aftermarket seat or cage, may interfere with the fitment of our Poly Vaults. Please inquire for more details.


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